How to Restore Memory Foam

How to restore memory foam

I know it can be uncomfortable when your Memory Foam Mattress started sagging. There are many of us facing the same mattress sagging problems. I will tell you that how you can restore memory foam Mattress so, in the end, you don’t need to buy a new mattress.

In this article, I will advise you how to restore memory foam mattress from sagging using the various method so, in the end, you can sleep better.

But before talking about how to restore memory foam mattress first we will talk about why and how mattress becomes saggy.

  • Question: Do Memory Foam Mattress Break down?

    Answer: That depends upon the quality of the Memory Foam Mattress, High-quality Memory foam Mattress will last longer while low-quality Memory foam mattress will break down.

  • Question: Are¬†memory foam mattresses good?

    Answer: Yes, if you place it in an equal place, and clean it properly then Memory Foam Mattress will last longer, but Foam interior become disintegrated with the passing of time.

5 Reasons of why Mattress Foam Become Saggy

  • Placing the mattress on an unequal surface(this can change the material and foam of the mattress)
  • Excess of use
  • Keeping memory foam in moisture(that can also be a cause of sagging)
  • lack of care(Lack of care is also a major fact of sagging mattress)
  • Foam interior become disintegrated with the passing of time

Save The Memory Foam Before it’s Sagging

Start to Save your memory foam as soon as possible when you first purchase it. Buy a waterproof Memory foam mattress cover for saving foam from liquid and moisture. After 2 and 3 days flip the mattress so it will not be affected by moisture and sunlight and also try to avoid washing your mattress on a regular basis. Try to clean your Memory mattress foam on a daily basis so then you don’t have to need your mattress to restore.

Fix the Problem of a Saggy Memory Foam Mattress

Some Important things that you should use to fix and restore memory foam

  • A Creaky Pillow
  • Mattress topper
  • Mattress Pad
  • Mattress Helper


5 Steps to Restore Memory Foam Mattress


1. Place the Sagging Mattress on to the Floor

Just place the memory foam mattress down. You will feel instatnly like a new mattress.that step is straight forward.

2. Put the pillow behind the Sagging area of Memory foam

Let suppose if your mattress has a depression in the middle part of the mattress, you have to only do that pick a soft fibber filled pillow place it behind the saggy area.this will make be easy for you to sleep better on sagging Memory foam mattress.

3. Mattress Topper or Mattress Pad

Mattress topper and Mattress pad make a big impact in the comfort of your memory foam. Many mattress toppers and pad you will find easily on the market pick one you like. You will find the inexpensive memory foam mattress toppers fibber-filled and down-filled. If your saggy mattress is still hopeless then there is still a chance to make it more comfortable for sleep. If your mattress is more depressed or saggy then you have to buy a thick mattress topper as this will cover the depressed surface of the mattress. then you will sleep better on even and well-balanced surface.

If you are going to buy the mattress topper or pad, then A key thing to keep in mind is to purchase mattress topper and pad from a shop which allowed to refund in case it’s not fit on your mattress.

I will recommend you 2 Inch mattress topper might be possible that they can be expensive, but they were worth the investment that will help you to restore memory foam mattress sagging. but this 2 Inch topper will work as long as your memory form is not too much worn, also you can buy 3 Inch topper If your budget is good enough, this size of toppers will definitely work for restoring the memory foam mattress sagging problem.

If these options still not work then go ahead and get a new mattress.

4. Plywood or cardboard Layer

If you place a layer of plywood or cardboard under your memory form.that should bring back the comfort of your mattress as long as the wood is decent. the foundation of your memory foam should not flexible otherwise you will continue to have a sagging mattress problem.

Place the saggy memory foam mattress onto the floor and if it does not give you feel like a new mattress then you should buy a new mattress rather restore memory foam.

5. Use Mattress helper for restore memory foam

If You don’t have options for buying a new mattress then you should use the mattress helper to restore memory foam  That will definitely work for you to restore memory foam.

I will highly recommend this option if your sagging is severe or your mattress is just too soft

Place the mattress helper directly underneath the spot where your mattress is saggy.when you buying the mattress helper one thing you should know that there are not a lot of mattress helpers which are work as promised so buy the branded mattress helper.


Your experience with your memory foam mattress you probably have a good idea for you to select which of these methods will work for you to restore memory foam. The above tips will help you to save money from buying a new mattress. Now you can restore memory foam mattress yourself without buying and spending money. Tips that I mentioned above are some methods which, I have used and I am sure it will definitely work for you as well for restoring memory foam. If you want to ask something you can contact me

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