How Much Should You Spend on a Good Quality Mattress?

How Much Should You Spend on a Good Quality Mattress?

 I will tell you how much should you spend on a good quality mattress or bed. When visiting furniture stores while looking for a mattress, it’s impossible not to think. what causes such a significant difference in the cost of almost identical models? Outwardly, all products are very similar, but the price of a mattress depends not so much on the appearance as on what it hides underneath.


How Much Is The Average Mattress

A mattress is not such a simple design as it might seem at first glance. High-quality mattresses are created with the help of ortho-Reddic surgeons, advanced scientific developments and innovative materials are used in the production. And all in order to make our sleep calm and as comfortable as possible.

The cost of mattresses is affected by the type of design, the material from which they are made, the size, thickness, and even the fabric of the cover.

Types of MattressAverage Mattress Prices
Memory foam Mattress$650
Average Mattress Prices

Spring mattress

These products are still the most popular among buyers. All spring mattresses can be divided into two types – with a dependent and independent spring unit.

The dependent spring block, or Bonnel block, is gradually becoming a thing of the past – such mattresses creak, eventually become deformed and cease to fulfill their functions.

However, mattresses with Bonnel block are a good option for sleeping places, which are not used constantly but only from time to time. The advantages of these mattresses include their price – they are much cheaper than other models.

On average, such a double mattress costs $400-$600, although you can find cheaper and more expensive models.

Most modern spring mattresses relate to models with independent spring blocks, in which each spring is packed in a separate “pocket”. These mattresses are orthopedic.

they are resistant to deformation and noiseless. The cost of such a mattress depends on the number of springs per square meter of surface – the higher this number, the better and therefore more expensive the mattress.

Prices and Features of Spring Mattress

The most inexpensive double mattress with an independent spring unit will cost from $250 to $350, more “advanced” models with a large number of springs cost from $800. Single models, of course, are cheaper – from $88  per mattress with a block of 500 springs. How much should you spend on a good quality mattress I will give you a suggestion to spend money for a good quality spring mattress around $400-$600.

        Type      Low    Average  High
 Spring Mattress$250-$350$400-$600>$800
Prices of Spring Mattress
  • How much should I spend on A New Mattress or Bed?

    these days mostly mattresses costing about $180 to $1300 and there are also premium mattresses whose cost is $4000 plus. There are budget mattresses which cost around $120 and less but the quality will be very poor, Mostly People find a good quality Mattresses around $750


Spring-less Mattress Prices

Mattresses made of polyurethane foam, latex or alternating layers of fillers of different stiffness are very comfortable, anatomical and able to provide optimal support for the spine during sleep.

These are springless mattresses, they are silent, resilient and retain shape for many years if they are made of quality materials. Prices for mattresses without springs depend primarily on the filler.

Prices and Features of Spring-less Mattress

  • The most inexpensive of them is polyurethane foam (a double mattress with such a filler will cost from $95)
  • Latex models are slightly more expensive (from $403 to $1344, depending from the percentage of natural latex in the filler).
  • Mattresses combining various fillers are very convenient – in them with the layers of latex or polyurethane foam are interspersed with layers of coir, which gives rigidity and elasticity,  stuff to fiber (softening filler) or other materials. The price of double mattresses of this type starts at $108- it is affected by the number of layers and the cost of materials.
  • Ultra-modern mattresses made entirely of Memory Foam material (Orto Foam, or memory foam) that can remember the shape of the body cost a lot, within $2016 USD  for a double mattress and from $1075.20 USD for a single. But they are very convenient, in addition, rest on them is useful for the musculoskeletal system and blood circulation. An approximate price.
     Type          Low   Average      High
  Spring-less  <$400-$600 $800-$950 >$1075-$2016
Prices of spring-less Mattress


  • Question: Memory foam mattress sagging middle?

    Answer: If your Memory foam mattress sagging from the middle then you can fix this with these two steps.
    1. Place the soft pillow behind the saggy part of the mattress
    2. If placing a pillow billow behind the saggy mattress did not work then the best method is to buy Mattress Helper and place it behind the saggy Memory foam Mattress.

How Much should you spend on a Hybrid mattress suitable for almost everyone

Modern hybrid mattresses are a combination of a block of independent micro-springs and various foam fillers. In recent years, such models have become especially popular, and not without reason. In the reviews, users describe their feelings of relaxation on such a mattress in superlatives. Indeed, in order to understand how convenient this is, you need to spend at least one night on a hybrid mattress. In most cases, in such products the top layers are made of memory foam or latex, and the bottom is made of independent springs. More precisely, from micro springs.

since they are noticeably smaller in size than standard ones and usually have 2–4 cm in height. These hybrid mattresses necessarily contain a base layer of foam, which is located under the spring block, which allows you to create the most comfortable support for the spine. Such multilevel orthopedic support contributes to a soft and even distribution of pressure, without interfering with blood circulation during sleep. A hybrid mattress allows the sleeping person to properly relax and recover. A distinctive feature of hybrid mattresses is their high costed, since innovative technologies are used in their production.

Prices of Hybrid Mattresses

How much should you spend on a good quality mattress like hybrid mattress you should spend around $1400 to $1500 for a good quality hybrid mattress.

    type    lowAverageHigh
Prices of hybrid Mattress


Keep in mind that not every mattress called by the sellers is a hybrid, as such is. To obtain the desired effect, patented materials must be used in the design, first of all, this refers to the quality of the springs and the foam layer.

Double-sided mattresses: two mattresses for the price of one

Many manufacturers produce bilateral mattresses, that is, products with different stiffness characteristics of the sides. These may be options when one side is moderately soft due to the use of Memory Foam material, and the other medium-hard due to the use of coir and polyurethane foam.

There are a lot of possible combinations, this is what determines the popularity of such mattresses. After all, a buyer who purchases a two-sided mattress can choose which side is more comfortable for him to sleep during operation: the mattress can Flip to the side that seems optimal to the user at one time or another.

The cost of such products depends on the amount of fillers, but it is always higher than that of unilateral mattresses. The range of average prices is from $300 to $450.

There is another kind of double-sided mattresses. These are popular winter-summer mattresses. The winter side is insulated with wool or other warming material, and the summer side contains a hygroscopic breathable pad, which makes it comfortable to sleep on such a mattress even in the hot summer months.

The price of such a mattress depends on the type of insulation and other materials used for the “filling”.Generally winter-summer products are slightly more expensive than usual.

Prices of Double-sided Mattress

A double model with a Bonnel spring unit can cost from $250 to $350. In the case when a block of independent springs is provided in the design of the mattress, the price can reach $380–$450 and more. An ultra-soft version of latex about 15 cm high will cost the buyer about $650, As my suggestion how much should you spend on a good quality mattress like double-sided mattress it should be $380.

Double-Sided Mattresses Foam$250-$350$300-$450$650 plus
Prices of Double-sided Mattress

Roll mattresses – an economic option

These are special thin mattresses that can be transported rolled up, even after removing the sealed vacuum packaging. As a rule, such mattresses are made of polyurethane foam, or artificial latex. They have a small height – 8-10 centimeters, it is comfortable to sleep on such models if you only do this from time to time. In this case, there is no need to talk about the orthopedic effect.

Roll mattresses are easy to transport and are much cheaper than other models.The best option for relaxing in the country or trips to the countryside. In addition, such a product can be used to make a rest on a folding sofa more pleasant – the mattress will smooth out all the bumps and turn the sofa into a full place to sleep.

Prices of Roll Mattress

The price of a single roll-up mattress ranges from $80 to $190, a double – from $190 to $290. how much should you spend on a good quality mattress like roll mattress I will give you a suggestion that minimum for a good quality roll mattress you should spend $150.

On a note!

Do not confuse a curled roll mattress with a regular mattress, delivered in the form of a roll in a vacuum package. In the first case, the buyer can always roll up the mattress on their own, without causing any harm to the product, since it is made of soft material. In the second case, when you try to roll a hard or semi-rigid mattress into a roll, it can be damaged. In industrial conditions, the folding of such products is carried out on special equipment using a vacuum press

The best choice, Closing thoughts

How much should you spend on a good quality mattress that depends, The choice of a mattress largely depends on how much money you are willing to spend on buying it. However, even with a small budget, you can buy an inexpensive mattress of good quality. If you have limited means, it is best to opt for a simple model with an independent spring unit with a layer of coir or felt, if you like hard mattresses, or latex, if you prefer to sleep on soft.


Spring models remain the sales leaders due to the convenience and variety of prices, they are both expensive and budget – only $180-$280 for a double mattress.


Among spring-less mattresses, mattresses made of polyurethane foam are considered the most affordable – a good double mattress can be bought for $160-$200  and even cheaper. Prices for children’s spring-less mattresses start at $300.

Memory foam, Memory Latex, Futon, airbed

Mattresses made of such modern materials as Memory Foam, Memory Latex, futon and Airbed Mattress, which is similar in characteristics, are classified as expensive. They are also expensive on the Multi-pocket independent spring block with a large number of springs per bed, as well as models with different stiffness zones that provide different degrees of support for different parts of the body. However, as we have said, in this case, the costs pay off: firstly, the long life of the mattress, and secondly, the benefits to your health, which is much more important.

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