Futon Mattress Sizes – Futon Mattress Guide

Futon Mattress Sizes – Futon Mattress Guide
Futon Mattress Sizes - Futon Mattress Guide

We all have a scary story of sleepless nights on a coarse bed. But when we heard about Futons, this word is enough to make us cower!
Futon has dual functions, it can a bed at night and used as a seat during day time. Futon Mattress Sizes have come with the same properties as traditional mattresses.
When you want to buy a new futon from the market or an online store. But you are confused in Futon Mattress Sizes. Then this is the right place for you. In this article, we will provide you a Futon Mattress Guide for different Futon Mattress Sizes.

Futon Mattress Sizes – An Ultimate Guide

Selecting the right Futon Mattress Size for your seat can be a daunting task. How can you pick the right Futon Mattress Size with so many options available? Because there is not a single size Futon Mattress that fits on all. Futon Mattresses are available in different sizes and dimensions, and you can select your desired one.

Determine the size of Futon Mattress you need

Futon Mattresses are available in:

• Twin Size
• Full Size
• Queen Size
• King Size
Mostly Futon Mattresses come in Twin and full size because they can be used as a bed when you opened it and also used as a couch. But queen or king sizes are not very common as full size and double size Futon Mattresses. Futon Mattress Sizes come in correspond to the dimensions of Futon frame.

Check the Dimensions of Futon Mattress

First, you have to measure the area where the mattress will lie upon. And if you want to ensure that you have a full-size futon, check the following dimensions of the mattress by laying it on a flat surface.
Different sizes of Futon Mattresses have the following dimensions (in inches)

Twin Size Futon

• Twin: 39”x 75”
• Twin XL: 39”x 80”

Twin Size Futon

The single and twin-size mattresses have the same length as the Futon with full-size mattresses. They can be used on a 39-inch chair, on a bed fit for a single person. This twin size mattress can also be used on a triple-folded futon frame.

Futon with Full Size Mattress

• Full/Double: 54”x 75”

 Futon with Full Size Mattress

These double and full-size mattresses can be used on a bi-fold and tri-fold couch frame. Tri-fold Futon Mattress full size is a great choice for a guest bed and fits 2 people easily. The dimensions of a full-size futon mattress are 54in x 75in can be converted to double size and used as a loveseat. Futon mattress full size is cheaper than other mattresses.

Queen-Size Futon Mattress

• Queen: 60”x 80”

Queen-Size Futon Mattress

Queen size and double size futon mattresses are very common size futon available on markets or online stores. A Queen-size mattress offers good size and quality. It can be fit on a bi-fold frame or used as a sofa. One awkward thing is that it has a 6” higher back than the full-size futon mattress.

King Size Futon

• King: 76”x 80”

King-Size Futon

King size futon mattress is very large and spacious and not as common as full-size and double-size futon mattress. These are rarely available in the stores and often costly.

There is a plethora of Futon mattresses are available in a variety of sizes. I hope this Futon Mattress Guide will surely help you out how to find the best mattress for your home and can enjoy a sound sleep on your mattress.

Most Frequently Asked Questions and their Answers

From where I can purchase the best Futon Mattress?

In this technology world, you can buy the best Futon Mattress from online stores like Walmart. However, you can save money while buying directly from the manufacturer and get a warranty and return policy as well.

How much are Futon beds at Walmart?

At Walmart, the prices of Futon mattress varied according to the size and quality. Full-size and double-size mattresses are cheaper than Queen-size and king-size mattresses. You can put the price in the price option on the Walmart site according to your budget and requirement.

Why Futon Mattress is better than a regular mattress?

Futon mattresses are firmer than normal mattresses because they are stuffed with compressed layers of natural fiber. Contrary to this, you can also use these folded futon mattresses as a couch or on a bed. It covers very little space than regular mattresses.

Are the Futon Mattress sizes the same as Bed Frame?

Yes, the sizes are exactly the same which you want to buy for your futon frame or bed. The size of a Queen-size mattress futon is the same as the traditional bed frame. You can use a Futon mattress on your bed frame and also on your chair or sofa frame.

How can we fix the mattress on the Futon Frame?

A good futon mattress frame will fix the mattress and does not allow the mattress to slip from its place. But if you face any sliding of mattress from the frame, you can use an aftermarket futon holder to fix it in its place.

After knowing all the futon mattress sizes with their dimensions, you can add this great piece of furniture to your small apartments or as a guest bed. It is space friendly and looks attractive than a normal sofa or couch. After reading this article, you can choose the right Futon mattress for your bed or sofa.

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