Full vs Queen Mattress

Full vs Queen Mattress
Full vs Queen Mattress

When you come home after a busy and hectic day, you just want a soft bed and mattress to take a good nap that can relieve all your stress and ache. A sound sleep on a comfortable mattress is very essential for everyone to enjoy a good and healthy lifestyle.
There are different sizes and quality of mattresses available in the market. But most common is Full Mattress and Queen Mattress. But it is very difficult for the buyers to choose the right one from a Full vs Queen Mattress.

Which one do you want to choose? A Full Mattress or a Queen Mattress? Both Full vs Queen mattresses are an excellent choice for your bedroom or guestroom. For years, the full-size mattress was preferred by most people. But in recent years, the Queen mattress has become popular among buyers.
The question comes to mind when we talk about Full or Queen Bed size? Which mattress size is best for your bed?

Some people don’t care about what kind of mattress they want while purchasing. They don’t focus on important factors like mattress size or dimension. They don’t know what type of mattress they need for their bed, a Full vs Queen Mattress.

Using the right mattress is a bit tricky because it’s a big investment for years. You should do research beforehand so that you can get the perfect mattress size for your bedroom. In this article, we will guide you on how to decide while purchasing a good mattress according to your need.

What is a Full-Size Mattress?

Also referred to as a double bed, with 54-inch by 75-inch in measurement. The Full-size bed is the same in length as the Twin-size bed but has 16 inches extra space in width for stretching. It is still smaller than a Queen-size Mattress. Full Mattress is perfect for teens and adults but not suitable the families with one or more children.
Here are some advantages and disadvantages of a Full-size mattress to keep in mind:

What is a Full-Size Mattress?
  • Suitable for teenagers and kids
  • Very easy to move around
  • Not very expensive if you are low on budget
  • Fit easily in small bedrooms
  • Too small for tall people
  • Not suitable for couples
  • Have no space for your pet to sleep
  • You have to buy a new mattress as you grow up

What is a Queen-Size Mattress?

Unlike a Full bed, a Queen-size bed is large with 80 inches in length and 60 inches in width. It is larger than a Double Mattress but still smaller than a King Mattress or California king-size bed. Queen-Size Mattress is a perfect choice for families and big bedrooms.

What is a Queen-Size Mattress?
  • A Queen bed is a good option for master bedrooms
  • It is a perfect mattress for couples
  • Queen mattress is the best choice if you toss and turn while sleeping
  • It is easy to find accessories for a Queen mattress
  • You will not fight for space for your doll or pet on this big size bed
  • Tall people can easily fit on this mattress
  • It is more expensive than a full mattress
  • Queen mattress does not fit in small rooms
  • A Queen bed is heavy and larger
  • It is very difficult to move a Queen-size bed because of its hard nature

Queen Mattress does not have many disadvantages as Full Mattress has. Instead, it is expensive and heavier in size than a Full bed. The Queen mattress is a perfect choice for your bedroom but still, if you want an ideal one, then go for the King-Size Mattress.

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Five Factors showing the difference between Full and Queen size Mattress

Here are some important factors that everyone should follow while purchasing a good mattress for their bedroom and can know which one is best for them a Full or Queen Mattress

1. Full vs Queen Mattress – Body Size Requirement

It is very important to choose an ideal mattress according to your body requirement. While purchasing a mattress, keep in mind your requirements. If you are below 6 feet, a Full-Size Mattress is best for you. But if you are above 6ft then you should prefer Queen-Size Mattress.
A Queen-Size Mattress is larger in length and width than a Full mattress. It is more preferable for healthy and taller people so that they can able to enjoy a sound sleep.

2. Full vs Queen Mattress Size – Cost

It is very important for the mattress that you choose for sleep according to the body size should suits your wallet too. Queen-Size Mattresses are costly than Full-Size Mattresses because they are slightly large. Queen-Size bedsheets are also very expensive and you need additional pillows to fill the extra space on your bed.
The thing is quite simple and straightforward if you want a large bed you have to pay more expenses on extra pillows, bed sheets, duvets, and comforters. But in the case of a Full-Size bed, you don’t need to pay an extra price on additional things.

3. Full vs Queen Mattress – The size of your room

If you have a big house or room, then you can go with Queen Mattress. But if your bedroom is small, then a full bed is the only option for you. If you are shifting to a new house, then make a floor plan and measure your room size before purchasing the desired mattress.
And also make a note for other room accessories or for walking as well. There should be a 2ft distance between your closet and your bed so that you can easily open it without any disturbance.

4. Full vs Queen Mattress – Comfort

You must know which mattress is more comfortable for you, Full or Queen bed size? A full-size mattress is small in size so less comfortable for more people to sleep together. It is suitable for only a single person.
On the other hand, Queen Mattress is larger with extra length and width and can easily fit a couple or family. Consider your ideal mattress according to the features that you like.

5. Full vs Queen Mattress – Your sleeping style

Everyone has a unique sleeping style. Some sleep straight the whole night while others roll or turn all around the bed. If you are the second one, then Queen-Size Mattress is the best choice for you. If you do not like more space on your mattress then choose a Full-size bed for yourself.


Do not rush on sales or discounts, while purchasing a mattress. Keep in your mind the features, size, brand, and material of the mattress when you are going to buy a new one. In this article, we gave a huge difference between Full-Size and Queen-Size Mattress so that you can select your ideal mattress. And we also mentioned various factors to analyze a perfect mattress.

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  1. I like that you mentioned that a queen mattress has a good enough length to make sure that it has the right space to contain my whole body. I think that would be something I should appreciate because I don’t like curling my body when I’m sleeping. I’m also quite tall so a larger bed would surely be something I’d like to have.

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